Finding staff at short notice has never been so easy



For when you need replacement staff fast

 Our technology speeds up your workflow, finding the best person for your job, in the quickest, most efficient way possible.


Hassle free

Put down the phone, Recrew will automatically find the best available person in your team to fill the job.


Personalised and Reliable

Our system starts with your preferences and evolves based on how your team interacts and responds to your requests.



Whether you have specific requirements for a job or just need the next available person, Recrew can do it all.

So, how does it all work?


Create your preferences

In order to find the best person for your job, Recrew first needs to understand your preferred crew members. This will evolve based on how people respond to your requests to ensure that the results are as efficient and reliable as possible.


Send out a job request

One click is all you need to quickly secure the best available person in your crew. Put down your phone and let Recrew do the hard work. Our algorithm will determine the best crew members and reach out to them in batches until a favourable response is received.


Receive confirmation

You no longer have to wait behind your desk for a response. Once a match has been made, Recrew will send you an SMS with the details of the person that has accepted the job. This allows you to tend to more important things while we contact your crew.


Adapt and evolve

As your crew members interact with your requests, Recrew uses Machine Learning to continuously adapt and evolve our matching algorithm. This allows Recrew to keep finding you the best available person for the job in the quickest and most efficient way possible.


No more hassle. 
No more stress.

Secure replacement staff quickly with Recrew.


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